Official Tooth Fairy Guide

If You’re Looking to Bring the Magic of the Tooth Fairy to Your Special Boy or Girl, You’ve Come to the Right Place! This is the Most Fun-Filled, Informative, Helpful Tooth Fairy Web Site on the Internet

Dear Tooth Fairy Helper,

Are you one of those people who go the extra mile to make a visit from the Tooth Fairy as special for your child as possible? Do you go out of your way to put a spark in the eyes of the children you love during a time when they are a little unsure about what’s happening to their growing body?

My wife and I have been there, done that. We have two small children who are in the middle of their “Tooth Fairy Years.” And we’ve found that the Tooth Fairy is a great way to bridge the gap between good dental hygiene and good parenting.

Download 3 Free Tooth Fairy Letters

Bring the Tooth Fairy to Life!

Look, I know how tough it is to raise a child today. I have two great kids, and I worry about keeping them as innocent and full of wonder as long as I possibly can. That’s why my wife and I – just like you – try to make each and every day as special as possible.

One of the things we like to do is to really go all out for special events. And, ever since I was a kid, the Tooth Fairy has been right near the top of the list. A little magic goes a long way towards making your child feel comfortable about losing a tooth. That’s how was born.

The Top Tooth Fairy Site on the Internet!

What I’m trying to do is develop the top Tooth Fairy site on the Internet.

Tooth Fairy Letters

Need a special letter from the Tooth Fairy? I’ve got two great ebooks available for immediate download. You can find the perfect letter for your child and customize it quickly and easily for tonight’s visit from the Tooth Fairy. Losing a tooth is such an exciting time for your child.

Make it even more magical with a Letter from the Tooth Fairy.

However valuable a child’s tooth is in today’s market, a note from Your Friend, THE TOOTH FAIRY is infinitely more valuable. When your children are grown, they will have something wonderful that will be treasured forever. Upon losing their first tooth, be sure your children leave not only the tooth but also a brief note requesting communication from THE TOOTH FAIRY. You may be amazed at the wonderful results. Best Dentist Guide also has some great tooth fairy letter templates here.

It is late at night.  The Tooth Fairy is going to make an unscheduled visit tonight.  Are you ready? Imagine how excited your child will be when the Tooth Fairy leaves more than a dollar or two! Leaving your child a Letter from the Tooth Fairy has never been easier.  Check out these Free Printable Tooth Fairy Letters ready for you to print right now.

Tooth Fairy Certificates

Want to make the Tooth Fairy’s visit even more special? These wonderful Tooth Fairy certificates provide a great addition to your letter and the Tooth Fairy’s gift.

STOP! Check out this short (< 5 minutes) video showing you – in real time – how quick and easy it is to customize these Tooth Fairy letters and certificates (simply click on the image below) .

Tooth Fairy History

Part of the reason I developed this site was my frustration over the lack of information on the Tooth Fairy. So, I’ve researched the best out there, and come up with my own version of the “facts” around the origin of the Tooth Fairy (and what she does with all those teeth).

I hope you enjoy the web site, and you find what you need to make your child’s visit from the Tooth Fairy as special as possible. And, if you have any ideas on how I can improve this site, just visit the Contact page and drop me a line.

True Tooth Fairy Tales

The Tooth Fairy is busy day and night writing and sending Tooth Fairy Letters, removing baby teeth from Tooth Fairy Pillows and leaving Tooth Fairy Gifts for eager and hopeful children. From time to time the Tooth Fairy receives a note or message from a child or from an adult sharing an amusing Tooth Fairy experience. These letters make the Tooth Fairy’s day!!

The following are a few amusing true stories the Tooth Fairy feels might give you a smile or chuckle:

Tooth Fairy Pillow, Too Small!

A three-year-old child received Toothy Tales and the Tooth Fairy Pillow companion in the mail. Not realizing the Tooth Fairy isn’t responsible for the removal or loss of baby teeth, this slightly misinformed but eager believer repeatedly urged her mother’s appeal to the Tooth Fairy for early and complete tooth removal. The intention was to place all baby teeth into the pocket of the Tooth Fairy Pillow for the promised Tooth Fairy gifts to appear — and right now!! The Tooth Fairy knows how things work in nature — all 20 baby teeth would not fit into the pocket of the Tooth Fairy Pillow! Undoubtedly, one of the reasons baby teeth falls out one at a time.

Tooth Fairy Flight!

From being habitually wiggled a “first tooth to be lost” popped out unexpectedly and disappeared at a most critical moment — while the owner was boarding an airplane!! Given the timing was inopportune there was no possible way to organize an adequate search for the escaped tooth. Thus, the person most concerned — the child — was forced to proceed onto the plane. This much-anticipated baby tooth was truly lost. Other boarders observing the incident and hearing the protests and concerns of both child and parents began to search about on the floor of the terminal. You might guess what happened next and you would be correct. One of the last persons to board the aircraft walked in holding the stray tooth up for all to see. The passengers cheered, the finder of the tooth was a hero and, of course, the child was thrilled and greatly relieved. Did the Tooth Fairy have anything to do with the finding of this lost tooth? Only the Tooth Fairy knows for sure.

Tooth Fairy Believer

While receiving treatment for a broken arm, a grandmother told her physical therapist of the Tooth Fairy Books and Tooth Fairy Pillows she had just ordered for her grandchildren. With amazement, the patient learned the physical therapist had not heard of the Tooth Fairy!! So astonished and a bit saddened by the revelation, the fun-loving woman brought her therapist a Tooth Fairy Pillow on a subsequent appointment. Enclosed with the Tooth Fairy Pillow was a personalized Tooth Fairy Letter to the physical therapist explaining how things work in the world of the Tooth Fairy and just what happens to lost baby teeth. The grandmother, in turn, wrote this note to the Tooth Fairy: “Words can not express the thanks and appreciation you rendered in making my physical therapist a true Tooth Fairy believer! Your Tooth Fairy Letter and Tooth Fairy Pillow were proof positive!!”

And a final Tooth Fairy Tale:

Tooth Fairy Hanger-Oner

While gathering consumer input for Toothy Tales from an 11-year-old, the Perfect Pumpkin Press heard a Tooth Fairy Tale told with fond but subtle realization. The story goes like this: One of the Tooth Fairy believer’s baby teeth was extracted for orthodontic purposes. To lift spirits from this prematurely lost tooth, the child received a five dollar bill from her parents. As the child shared the event, she noted the Tooth Fairy had left an additional five dollar bill in her Tooth Fairy Pillow the night following the extraction. The child then paused, thought for a moment and smiled (almost giggled) in a knowing, grownup manner. Although unspoken, the truth of the Tooth Fairy’s existence was clearly revealed. The Tooth Fairy realizes this moment of awareness is inevitable but also knows children like to glean the rewards left in Tooth Fairy Pillows, no matter the belief level, as long as possible. Long live the Tooth Fairy and Tooth Fairy Fun!!