Create Free Easter Bunny Letters at Home in Minutes

Letter from The Easter Bunny

This printable letter from the Easter Bunny to a child praises the recipient, lets him or her know that the bunny is on his way, and politely asks for a carrot or lettuce.

Dear Chris,

Happy Easter! I was just in my workshop getting some candy and little toys ready for your Easter basket when I decided to write you this letter to let you know how excited I am to be hopping to your house this Easter Sunday.

You’ve been so good this year! I’m very proud of what a good listener you’ve been, and of how much you’re learning and growing every day.

I hope you’re looking forward to a fun day of hunting eggs and spending time with your family.

I will be heading down the bunny trail to your house very early in the morning, so please don’t try to wait up for me. Children aren’t allowed to see the Easter Bunny during deliveries-it’s one of the “rules.” And wait until your parents say it’s OK to get up in the morning. You know they love to see the look on your face when you discover your Easter basket! Try to be patient, because they may want to take lots of pictures of you in your Easter clothes.

Well, I had better get back to work. I have so many eggs to color before Easter Sunday! If you can, please leave a carrot or some lettuce out for me, because all that hopping makes me hungry.


The Easter Bunny

Letter from The Easter Bunny to a Girl

This letter from the Easter Bunny is perfect for a little girl, as it references getting all dressed up for Easter before hunting eggs.


Dear Susie,

Happy Easter! It won’t be long before I’m hippity hopping to your house and delivering your Easter basket. I hope you like chocolate and candy!

Do you know what you’re going to wear for Easter? It’s so fun to get dressed up on Easter Sunday. I bet there are going to be lots of pretty pictures of you! It may sound funny, since I’m a rabbit, but I like getting dressed up for Easter, too.

I hope you like what I’ve put in your Easter basket. I don’t want to give away any secrets, but my workshop is full of stuffed animals, chocolate bunnies and other fun little presents children like. I love picking out just the right things for each little boy and girl on my list.

I know lots of good hiding places at your house. But I’m thinking up some new ones this year, because you’re getting too clever for me!

Please be sure to get plenty of sleep the night before Easter. And don’t try to wait up for me. I make my deliveries very early in the morning, while children are fast asleep.

I’ll be hopping by before you know it!


The Easter Bunny

Letter from The Easter Bunny to a Boy

In this printable letter from the Easter Bunny to a little boy, the rabbit announces his intent to hop down the bunny trail with eggs and candy for the young man.


Dear Billy,

Happy Easter! I’m getting my back feet all revved up and ready to hop down the bunny trail to your house. I’ll try to move as quickly as I can, but you see, I have these heavy baskets!

Do you think you’ll find all the eggs this year? Don’t be too sure! I have some new hiding places in mind, because you’re getting just too good at finding the eggs and candy.

Speaking of candy, I know this is one time of the year when it’s fine to enjoy some extra chocolate and other treats. But don’t eat too much at once or you might get a stomachache and spoil your Easter dinner!

I’m still in my workshop putting some last-minute touches on your Easter basket. I think I might add a few more candies, or another little toy. You have been such a good boy this year!

Be sure to go to bed early the night before Easter Sunday. And please don’t get any sneaky ideas about trying to get a look at me while I’m making my deliveries. It’s one of the Easter bunny “rules” that no one can see me!

I’ll be at your house before you know it with this basket of goodies and Easter wishes.


The Easter Bunny

Letter from The Easter Bunny to Child With Siblings

This printable letter from the Easter Bunny is intended for children with brothers or sisters, and urges the child to be patient and let little kids get some of the eggs, too.

Dear Jamie,

I love the spring. The flowers are blooming, the birds are singing and the baseball season is about to start. But you know what I like most of all about this time of year? That’s right! Easter!

I have been hearing a lot about how good you’ve been this year. (I’m friends with Santa, and he lets me in on his list.) I know it’s hard to be patient, especially when you have little brothers or sisters who are always getting in your stuff, or want to have the first turn at everything. I was one of 30 rabbit children, so imagine all of us trying to share a burrow!

I have been working on your Easter basket, and there are some really cool things in there for you, plus some chocolate and candy. Your parents may even let you eat some before Easter dinner!

I do need to ask you one favor, though. When you’re hunting eggs this year, please remember that the littler kids aren’t yet as good as you are at tracking down my hiding places. When you see an egg, give one of your siblings a chance to find it. It’s so exciting for them, and fun to watch, too.

Don’t worry. There will be plenty of treats to go around. Just don’t get a stomachache!

Your friend,

The Easter Bunny

Secret Easter Bunny Letter

The Secret Easter Bunny is a gift exchange game that can be played like Secret Santa, except this bunny is much craftier and sneaky when it comes to giving presents to friends and coworkers. The printable letter talks compares the rabbit’s holiday to Christmas.

Dear John,

What, you weren’t expecting a gift from a Secret Easter Bunny this year? Well sure, everyone knows about Secret Santa, but that doesn’t make it very secret, does it? It takes a bunny to be as crafty as I am.

Santa is obvious. How do you think everyone knows so much about his operation? About how he rides reindeer and comes down the chimney? He’s been caught too many times. No one knows how the Easter Bunny works.

So you’ll have to think really carefully about whom this sneaky rabbit might actually be and how I know that you’ll love this gift!

Craftily Yours,

The Secret Bunny

Letter from The Easter Bunny: Thanks for the Carrot

Children who left a carrot for the Easter Bunny will love this printable letter of thanks from the rabbit himself.

Dear Pat,

Chomp, chomp, chomp. Oh, excuse me. Happy Easter! I was just enjoying that delicious carrot you left me. Thanks so much! I get pretty hungry hopping all over the world on Easter Sunday.

Now I’m relaxing a bit and eating some leftover candy along with this tasty carrot.

I hope you are having a wonderful Easter and enjoying some special time with your family. I bet you had as much fun hunting the eggs as I did hiding them! Did you find your basket OK? I hope I didn’t make it too easy for you. I may have to think up some new hiding places for next year, because you are so clever!

Now, don’t eat too much candy at once or you might get a tummy ache, and that’s no fun.

Thanks again for the carrot. I’ll see you next year, when I come hopping down the bunny trail to your town!


The Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny Letter Teenager

This printable letter should be mailed to teenagers who no longer believe in the Easter Bunny. The rabbit makes his case by threatening to withhold chocolate and candy until the teen admits that the bunny is real and offers carrots and lettuce as a bonus.


Dear Chris,

So. Here we are, after not speaking for years. I thought we were friends, man.

I’ve been bringing you chocolate and painted eggs since you were a baby. Since you were this big, and all you did was poop and cry. You’ve been going along, all this time, devouring my dedication and loving craftsmanship without a second thought. I was always okay with it, too, because I knew that you believed in me and were grateful for my years of service.

But I hear that you’re a teenager now and you think you know everything. You think that just because I’m a giant rabbit that breaks into people’s homes to lay eggs in surprising places that that makes me not real somehow. Well, as I hope you’ve learned with homework by now, not believing in something doesn’t make it go away. I’m here. And I’m holding your candy hostage until we can make some amends.

I’m willing to look past the fact that you think my work was all done by your parents. Seriously, your mother will say anything these days. It’s some sort of power trip. But you’re a smart kid. You know your father could never think up all those clever places I’ve been hiding eggs your whole life. Look at the way he dresses. There’s no way he’s got an eye as good as mine for these kinds of things.

So here’s how it’s going to go. You shall reinstate me as part of your belief system, and maybe wear a T-Shirt that says “Somebunny Loves Me.” I’m sure it will make you extremely popular with the kids at school. You shall also leave five full-sized carrots (none of that baby carrot nonsense) and three leaves of lettuce out for my consumption the night before Easter.

That is, if you ever want to see this chocolate again.


The Easter Bunny

Write a letter TO the Easter Bunny

When it comes to holidays and other special events, loving adults are always looking for creative ways to make these times more meaningful for the children in their life. With Christmas the focus is on Santa Claus and presents and with Easter we focus on the Easter Bunny and all the goodies that he will bring. It seems that in recent years the Easter Bunny has gained in popularity. Nowadays many families put special emphasis on the Easter holiday and all that leads up to it. This often includes making an occasion around the children writing a special letter to the Easter Bunny.

Easter Bunny Letter TeenagerWhether we realize it or not, most children do write letters to the Easter Bunny. However, they may not feel comfortable in disclosing that fact. That is, unless their parents or other adults let them know that it is ‘okay’ to do so. When it comes down to it, writing letters to the Easter Bunny is a healthy way for a child to express his or her wants and desires for the Easter holiday. Additionally, it increases the child’s belief in the Easter Bunny and therefore, his or her enthusiasm about the holiday itself.

When families spend time together creating Easter Bunny letters there is a natural tendency to bond and grow closer as each person shares their ideas and desires. As children grow the projects can become more engaging as the letters can be decorated and more detailed. Hence, even more time is shared together as a family unit. Such times are priceless and they tend to create memories that are long lasting. Children that practice such traditions usually grow up to carry on the same or similar traditions with their own children.

Of course, every child hopes to receive a letter from the Easter Bunny, a response to their own letter, insuring the child that he knows where the child lives and that he will be there on Easter with lots of goodies. After all, that wonderful Easter Trail leads to the homes of all good little boys and girls! And the good news is that all the children in your life can receive letters from the Easter Bunny. The letters come personalized with the child’s name, a friend’s name, and other details. This personalization proves to the child that the letter is indeed from the Easter Bunn

Letters from the Easter Bunny always make children feel special. As children write their traditional Easter Bunny letters they always do so with the hope that Peter Cottontail will write back. It is so easy for you to make that happen! Letters are sent to the U.S. and Canada. The children you love will receive personalized letters from the Easter Bunny – letters that the child will cherish for years to come! From newborns to older kids, all will appreciate an Easter Bunny letter. You specify the personalized details, including the mailbox you want the letter from the Easter Bunny sent to and we’ll do the rest!