Top 10 Tooth Fairy Activities

The Tooth Fairy must have been a teacher in another life – at least the Tooth Fairy from the Perfect Pumpkin Press. Although having fun with the following activities is the Tooth Fairy’s first goal for your child, reading, writing, language, spelling and math skills will be practiced as well. That tricky Tooth Fairy!

Tooth Fairy Fun Activity # 1: Personalized letter/gift tag from the Tooth Fairy

A generic letter and gift tag from the Tooth Fairy will be enclosed with each order or gift. Should you want the Tooth Fairy letter and gift tag personalized, simply provide your child’s first name or nickname in the message area of the order form. The Tooth Fairy wants this gift to be as meaningful to your child as possible.

Tooth Fairy Fun Activity # 2: Coin Values and Coin Recognition

Pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and half dollars will be more interesting when received from the Tooth Fairy. With your child, look at the coins left in the Tooth Fairy Pillow. Find ways the coins are alike and ways the coins are different. Point out and explain words and images on the coins. There are many different coin combinations for 25 cents and 50 cents. Each time a baby tooth is lost the Tooth Fairy could place a different combination to equal 25 or 50 cents in the Tooth Fairy Pillow. It is amazing how quickly a child learns coin values when counting money left in the Tooth Fairy Pillow.

Tooth Fairy Fun Activity # 3: Cleaning Pennies

Anticipate your child’s first lost tooth by finding a penny minted the year of your child’s birth or the year the first tooth is lost. Place this verse (below) from the Tooth Fairy, along with the Lucky Tooth Fairy Penny, in the Tooth Fairy Pillow. Of course you will want a shiny penny for this purpose. Pennies can be made to look sparkling new by washing them in salt and vinegar. Tell your child the Tooth Fairy told you the secret formula for cleaning pennies. Leave a few unwashed pennies for your child to clean. Children love to wash pennies. From experience, the Tooth Fairy knows this to be true.

The Tooth Fairy
Has come your way
With a Lucky Tooth Fairy Penny
On this very special day!

Tooth Fairy Fun Activity # 4: Tooth Puppet

Download tooth image. Copy and glue rap (Tooth Fairy Fun Activity # 5) onto tag board. Have your child cut out the tooth puppet and glue it onto cardboard if tag board is not available. Staple or tape a cardboard strip onto the back of the tooth puppet to use as a puppet stick. Do not use wooden tongue depressors with the tooth puppet for safety reasons. Your child can chant the tooth brushing rap using the tooth puppet each time teeth are brushed. See rap below. The Tooth Fairy is pleased when children take good care of their teeth.

Tooth Fairy Fun Activity # 5:  Tooth Brushing Rap

Have your child glue the rap (below) to the back of the tooth puppet (Tooth Fairy Fun Activity # 4). Have your child use the puppet to chant the rap before or after brushing in the morning or evening. The Tooth Fairy will be listening for the rap.

Brush, brush, clean, clean
Till your teeth really gleam!

Brush your teeth twice a day
So tooth decay will stay away!

Brush, brush, clean, clean
Till your teeth really gleam!

Brush your teeth twice a day
So tooth decay will stay away!

Tooth Fairy Fun Activity # 6: Compare Teeth

As your child and you are reading and learning about animals – wonder, puzzle, question – Do young animals have baby teeth? How many teeth does a horse, elephant, cow, giraffe, chicken or turtle have? How do animals use their teeth? We use our teeth to tear, bite and grind food. Try to find the answers in a variety of sources. If animals have baby teeth, does the Tooth Fairy leave gifts in Tooth Fairy Pillows made for animals? There are so many Tooth Fairy notions to wonder about.

Tooth Fairy Fun Activity # 7: Tooth Brushing Chart

Download this tooth brushing chart each week. Have your child check off morning tooth brushing and evening tooth brushing. Again, the Tooth Fairy will be watching.

Tooth Fairy Fun Activity # 8: Tooth Fairy Scavenger Hunt

As your child gets older, vary the tooth loss event for added interest. Tuck this note in theTooth Fairy Pillow giving directions to the prize hidden in other locations in the bedroom or house. The Tooth Fairy is a fun maker and has all kinds of ideas for hiding rewards!

This Tooth Fairy Pillow is not obsolete
But the Tooth Fairy has a different treat.
In this next clue:
Example: In your favorite pair of shoes
Example: On the cat’s napping spot
Example: Check your juice glass this morning
Your reward is waiting for you.

Tooth Fairy Fun Activity # 9: Letters to the Tooth Fairy

Although your child has recorded lost tooth facts in Toothy Tales, the Tooth Fairy would be happy to respond to the event with a personal letter. This is where you will need to provide details of the lost tooth by contacting the Tooth Fairy.

The Tooth Fairy is very good about responding to letters.

Tooth Fairy Fun Activity# 10: Lost Tooth Prediction

Have your child predict or guess which tooth will be the next to come out and mark that space on the tooth cart inToothy Tales using pencil. Make note of the predictions when the actual tooth is lost. Only the Tooth Fairy knows for sure which tooth will be the next to fall.

Cherish each day with your child.